About Us : Advanced Explosives Demolition Inc.

As an internationally renowned explosives demolition company, Advanced Explosives Demolition Inc. (AED) provides an alternative to conventional demolition. Combining over thirty years of "High and Hazardous" demolition and implosion experience; AED is world renown for providing property owners and contractors the best "bang for the buck"!

The extensive career of Eric J Kelly in the Demolition Industry includes conventional "Tripping" of buildings, an innovation Eric developed as an alternative to implosions. His Curriculum Vita has allowed AED to be retained as an expert witness on some very high profile projects such as the Canterbury, Australia incident, the bombing of the Federal Murrah Towers in Oklahoma City, USA and the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia.

On February 14, 2010, AED imploded the 2nd tallest structure ever demolished by explosives in the USA. The 1515 Flagler structure was 31 stories in height and sat perilously close to high value West Palm Beach, Florida real estate. The implosion was a resounding success for AED and the City of WPB. In 2010 AED won the World Explosive Demolition Award presented by the KHL Group in Amsterdam for the project. An impressive video of the implosion can be seen below.

AED is an active member of the National Demolition Association and the International Society of Explosives Engineers.

Spyglass Hotel, Clearwater, FL.