Emergency Demolition Services : Advanced Explosives Demolition Inc.

By its very nature, emergency demolition demands a dependable service, 24/7. This and is an area in which Advanced Explosives Demolition, Inc (AED / USA) has built a solid reputation for delivering rapid, effective and safe solutions.

Emergency demolition services are imperative to re-establishing the safety of a building or site area. AED can provide a rapid emergency response service to vulnerable structures. AED will eradicate any dangers that may arise from a building fire, structural collapse or sudden weakness, weather damage, accidental damage or human error.

AED has developed demolition techniques alongside health and safety regulations resulting in emergency work plans to be executed to the strictest of guidelines. The experience of Eric Kelly in emergency structural response provides unequaled hands on guidance that will have the compromised structure safely demolished to avoid unforeseen collapses or neighboring structural damage. Eric has the skills, the expertise and experience to handle virtually any emergency situation.

AED can provide partial and/or total structural demolition thru by using Conventional or Explosive demolition. Projects performed by AED include compromised office buildings, warehouses, hotels, towers, and a wide array of other structures. Our full service staff is well versed in state of the art methodology and ready to lead in any emergency situation.

  • High & Hazardous Work
  • Implosion / Explosive Demolition
  • Conventional "Tripping" Demolition
  • Complete or partial structure removal
  • Earthquake Damaged Structures
  • Construction Failure
  • Bomb Damaged Structures
  • Fire Damaged Structures
  • Industrial Explosions
  • 24 hour Emergency Demolition Services
  • Industrial Demolition Services
  • Commercial Demolition Services
  • Residential Demolition Services
  • Building Separation and Dismantling
  • Demolition Consulting