History : Advanced Explosives Demolition Inc.

In 1980 Eric Kelly, the Vice President and Chief Blaster of Advanced Explosives Demolition Inc (AED) set out to pursue his dreams of succeeding in the explosives demolition industry. At age fourteen, when he helped his father blast a smokestack, he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

As the "new kid" on the block he established himself by taking on projects that was "high and hazardous work", which competitors suggested could not be done. Eric also worked in many steel mills where he revolutionized techniques in bringing down steel structures, thus proving his talents and gain noticeable recognition in the explosive demolition industry.

In Eric's career he has designed the implosion of:
 • World's Largest Building;
 • Most structures imploded successfully at one time (20 structures);
 • Half building implosions to save the other half that still remained in use.

He has also:
 • Brought down buildings and while saving basements in nuclear power plants;
 • 2,600 ft. bridges connecting two states;
 • Provided International Expert Witness Testimony.

Eric has accomplished all this while maintaining a Perfect Safety Record of no accidents in twenty seven years. Currently he holds blaster's licenses across the U.S. and Internationally. Incorporating in 2001 Eric joined forces with his wife to form AED.

Lisa Kelly, President of AED, has managed several major corporations in her career. Lisa's management skills allow her to over see any project and assist any team with a positive approach. Her enthusiasm and commitment to work through unexpected problems provides her the communication skills to work with any level of official, from any country. She strives to make your job a success; and the client will benefit from her goals to complete the job in a timely, professional and efficient manner.

Together Eric and Lisa lead, motivate, coach, council, plan, and implement a plan for each project. The efforts of Eric's efficient strategy and Lisa's ability to control cost often add unexpected value to the client's profit margin. This team approach toward hard work, implemented experience and maintaining costs within a budget keeps AED in high demand for the industry's top projects.

Qwest Tower Phoenix, AZ.