References : Advanced Explosives Demolition Inc.

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Owner/Contractor Project Location
Bodell Construction Orange Street Bridge Montana
Murray Demolition Sydney Steel Smoke Stacks (6) Nova Scotia, Canada
Philip Services Sydney Steel Blast Furnace and Stoves Sydney, Nova Scotia
Parson's Construction Nova Scotia Power Nova Scotia
Memphis Wrecking Ford Coach Hotel Memphis, TN
Memphis Wrecking Gaylord Hospital Memphis, TN
McColeman & Sons Kitamat Hospital Kitamat Canada
McColeman and Son's Olgavie Flour Mill Winnipeg Canada
Parson's Construction Victoria Junction Glace Bay Nova Scotia
Cambria Contracting Batavia Water Tower Batavia, NY
Cross Construction Hookers Pt. Power Plant/Smoke Stacks Tampa Bay Florida
PRC Harrah's Casinos Gulf Port, MS
Borries Marine Harrah's Casino Biloxi, MS
Weyerhaeuser Corp Smoke Stacks Snoqualmie, WA
Memphis Wrecking Baptist Hospital Memphis, TN
Celriver Services Power House Rockhill, SC
Bianchi Industrial Services Mohasco Mills Amsterdam, NY
Bianchi Industrial Services Refrigeration Building Elmira, NY
Neil Salvage Grain Silo Indiana, IN
Demcon Kavala Silos Greece
Demcon Khozani Wheat Silos Greece
BSC Demolition Republic Steel Akron, OH
West Tower 2) CBC 700 ft Communications Towers Saskatchewan Canada
Jackson Demolition Bayer Corp. New Martinsville, WV
Parsons Construction Stora-ENSO Port Hawkesbury
Bianchi Industrial Services Stillwater Water Tower Stillwater, NY
LVI Shenandoah Race Track Charles Town
Triple M Services Stelco Steel Hamilton Canada
SRI Services Scranton Hospice Building Scranton, PA
Bierlein Companies 3 Stacks and Super Structure Mobile, AL
Rinner Construction National Bank Building Topeka, KS
EPA Morrison Knudsen Corp. Z-16 Superfund Site Kellogg, ID
PCL Construction Services Montgomery Wards St. Paul, MN
Bierlein Demolition R. S. Wallace Power Station E Peoria, IL
Galbraith Construction, Ltd. St John Hospital St John, NB, CAN
DOE Hanford Nuclear Site 190-D Reactor Bldg. Richland, WA
Detroit Edison Conner Creek Power House Detroit, MI
US Army Corp. of Engineers P-03 Building Superfund Kellogg, ID
Newark Housing Authority Columbus Homes 5, 6, 7, & 8 Newark, NJ
The Rubin Organization, Inc. Sears Warehouse Philadelphia, PA
Puerto Rico Housing Authority Housing Complex Chrisantemos, San Juan
Panzini Demolition St. Antoine Refrigeration Building Montreal, Quebec
DOE Savannah Nuclear Plant 410' Flare Tower Aiken, SC
US Army Corp. of Engineers Smelter Building Kellogg, ID
Greenspoon Bros. Ltd. Roaster Building Sudbury Ontario, CAN
Energen Hudgins and Co Inc Old Essex House Birmingham, AL
DOE Hanford Nuclear Site 165' Ball Tower Richland, WA
City of Camden Niram Inc. Old RCA Camden, NJ
Newark Housing Authority Scudder Homes #7 Newark, NJ
Blue Cross / Blue Shield of TN Days Inn Chattanooga, TN
USX Corporation Seven Blast Furnace Stoves Homestead, PA
Puerto Rico Housing Authority Progress a Guirimar San Juan, PR
Canadian Armed Forces RA Dome Prince George BC, CAN
J. C. Miller Construction GM Cadillac Stamping Plant Detroit, MI
D. H. Blattner and Sons Gantry EDNA Mines Boom Oak Ridge, CO
TENNECO (13) Compressor Bases East Bernard, TX
Mainline Construction Corp. Holley Hotel Charleston WV
Bethlehem Steel Advance Metals-BOF Buffalo, NY
Mercer Wrecking 15-Story Power House Vienna, MD
Army Corp. of Engineers Havenwoods Missile Silos Milwaukee, WI
A. G. Mazzocchi Schuylkill Falls Towers Philadelphia, PA
V. A. Medical Center Breaching Building #7 & Stack St. Cloud, MN
MN Dep't of Natural Resources Rail Swing Bridge Chaska, MN
Philips Environmental Murray Mine Sudbury, CAN
ARMCO Steel Olshan Two - 100' Coal Unloader New Miami, OH
Stelco Steel Corporation Blast Furnace Hamilton, Ontario, CAN
Bethlehem Steel Lime Conveyor Buffalo, NY
Greenspoon Bros., Ltd. 550' Reclaimer Sarnia, Ontario, CAN
Bethlehem Steel Advance Metals Furnace #1 Buffalo, NY
Carborundum Corporation Waste Special Services Building 1 Niagara Falls, NY
Stelco Steel Corporation Two 14 Story Precipitators Hamilton, Ontario, CAN
North American Dismantling Howard Johnson Hotel Detroit, MI
City of Detroit Carmel Inn Detroit, MI
Bethlehem Steel Scrap Prep. Building Buffalo, NY
Stelco Steel Corporation 15 Stories Bldg. Hamilton, Ontario, CAN
Bethlehem Steel Advance Metals Open Hearth #1 Buffalo, NY
Mainline Construction Corp. Blast Furnace Buffalo, NY
INCO Triple-M Demolition Head frame Falcon Bridge Ontario, CAN
Bethlehem Steel Advance Metals-Blast Furnace #2 Buffalo, NY
City of Beaumont Demco, Inc. LaSalle Hotel Beaumont, TX
USX Corporation Blast Furnace Buffalo, NY
Carborundum Corporation Special Services Building 30 Niagara Falls, NY
Park Steel D. H. Blattner Pallet Building Erie Falls, Ontario, CAN
Carborundum Corporation Special Services Building 14 Niagara Falls, NY
City of Beaumont Demco, Inc. City Parking Garage Beaumont, TX
Pitts. Ind. Development Auth. BOF Buffalo, NY
INCO Philips Environmental Head frame Coppercliff Ontario, CAN
Bethlehem Steel Adv. Metals Open Hearth #2 Buffalo, NY
DOE Hanford Nuclear Site Two-210' Towers Sudbury, Ontario, CAN
Bethlehem Steel Dolomite Building Buffalo, NY
Bethlehem Steel Blast Furnace #3 Buffalo, NY
Bethlehem Steel Stripper Building Buffalo, NY
DOT Ohio 4 Pennsylvania Truss Bridge/Piers Cleveland, OH
American Bridge Corporation 3-300' Pennsylvania Truss Bridges Charleston, WV
Texas Gas Transmission Group Compressor Foundations Palmyra, KY
USX Kobe Steel 6-175' Steel Stacks Duquesne, PA
Flint Dtwn. Redevelopment Flint Auditorium (Auto World) Flint, MI
Buffalo Crushed Stone Construction Ore Bridge Buffalo, NY
Independent Cement Corp. Corp. Ore Bridge Buffalo, NY
Stelco Steel Corporation 2-600' Ore Bridges Hamilton, Ontario, CAN
El Paso Gas Corporation Concrete Foundations Corona, NM
Bethlehem Steel Advance Metals Ore Bridge Buffalo, NY
Rouge Steel - SCS Group 400' Ore Bridge River Rouge, MI
Morrison Knudsen Corp. 715' STACK Superfund Site Kellogg, ID
PCL Construction Services 260' Tower and 250' Stack St Paul, MN
Detroit Edison 7-Stacks Conner Creek Power House Detroit, MI
US EPA Raymark Superfund Site Stratford, CT
Industrial Trade & Dismantling 8-220' La Forge Stacks Birmingham, AL
Hecla Mining Company Snow Damaged Roof, Star Phoenix Mine Burke, ID
Holly Sugar Corp 1-185' & 1-160' Fiberglass Stack Moses Lake, WA
Edna Mines - D. H. Blattner Coal Silo Oak Ridge, CO
Army Corp. of Engineers 610' STACK Superfund Site Kellogg, ID
Bethlehem Steel 6-210' Stacks Buffalo, NY
EPA & Army of Engineers 210' & 202' STACKS EPA Site Kellogg, ID
Stelco Steel Corp 6-150' Stacks & 302' Stack Hamilton, Ontario, CAN
Carborundum Corp 200' & 175' Stacks Niagara Falls, NY
Independent Cement Corp. 330' Stack Buffalo, NY
Olshan Demolishing 185' & 160' Stacks New Miami, OH
USX Corporation 6-155' Stacks Homestead, PA
Department of Army Logan Plant Base Farmington, NM
TN DOT W. L. Hailey 2-350' PA Truss/Piers 1500' Ft Cumberland, TN
White Brothers Construction 2-195' Pennsylvania Truss & Pier Bardstown, KY
KY DOT 2-200' Trolley Bridges Catlettsburg, KY
Indiana Coke Co 3-175' Brick Stacks Terra Haute, IN
GM - MJ Roberts1 190' Brick Stack St. Louis, MO
PABTEX Terminal Company Stacker/Reclaimer San Antonio, TX