Testimonials : Advanced Explosives Demolition Inc.

Congratulations from Morrison Knudsen...

"We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate your company on successfully completing the explosive demolition of four large stacks at the Bunker Hill Remedial Action Project. Your coordination with Federal, State and local authorities was well done and greatly appreciated by all parties involved.

Based on your performance on the stack demolition you were awarded a change order to demolish two additional buildings and that work is on schedule and being performed in a safe manner."
Rob Tucker
Morrison Knudsen Corporation

According to Director of Buildings of Toronto...

"We greatly benefited from your experience and advice (this was) downtown Toronto's first demolition by implosion. The Municipality had not previously agreed to permit an implosion of any buildings within the built-up core area of the City. The event was a success. This experience will allow us to revise our procedures in an effort to streamline the approval process (for a future implosion project)."
Pamela Ann Coburn
Toronto, Canada
Director of Buildings and Deputy Chief Building Official

Larry Peterson says...

"The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources experienced an extremely rapid failure of a 100-year-old railroad bridge. When I was called in to assist with the emergency (the bridge) was moving at a rate of approximately two to three inches per day. The consensus of a group of bridge engineers was that the bridge was failing too rapidly to attempt any kind of stabilization (and that) the bridge would collapse within a matter of days. I contacted three firms. Eric Kelly agreed to complete (the job) within two days. Their quick emergency response was greatly appreciated. They quickly took charge of the project and applied their considerable expertise in demolition of steel structures. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources would like to thank Eric Kelly for his quick response and exemplary work in an emergency situation."
Larry Peterson
State of Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources
Engineering Design Supervisor

People are still amazed...

"On behalf of St. Lucy's parishioners and in my own name, I wish to express our profound gratitude for the magnificent work you did in the demolition of Columbus Homes. It was a perfect job. We are not accustomed to such a professional conduct. People are still amazed at how smoothly everything went. So many were concerned about the safety of the Church. They were extremely happy to hear that the statues did not move and windows and walls did not crack in this 102 year old church, only 50' from the implosion."
Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Granato
Pastor, St. Lucy’s Parish

Bechtel Hanford, Inc. was highly pleased...

"Bechtel Hanford, Inc. (BHI) was highly pleased with your company and its ability to complete the 190-D facility demolition in September of 1995. Your efforts reflected a professional desire to complete the project ahead of schedule and on budget. In addition, you were able to successfully coordinate your work with multiple companies and projects in progress in the area, which allowed for the success of not only the project you were working on, but other projects in the area as well. Bechtel Hanford, Inc. looks forward to working with your company on future projects."
B. K. Gifford
Bechtel Hanford